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Break the monotony and accentuate the beauty of your space with a dab of color and clean lines. Infusing our professionalism, we specialize in all types of painting and coloring jobs. Our real strength lies in our keen attention to detail. Whether it is a residential or a commercial space, our work starts with a thorough consultation. We seek to understand your vision and requirements, and putting our expertise to good use, deliver a paint job that is up to par in terms of quality, finishing, look, and durability.


🗸 Exterior
🗸 Interior
🗸 Stucco
🗸 Drywall
🗸 Residential
🗸 Commercial
🗸 Patios / Decks
🗸 Moldings
🗸 Wallpaper Removal
🗸 Gates / Wrought Iron
🗸 Stain
🗸 Venetian & Italian Plaster                                                                         

We specialize in coloring all types and textures of spaces according to your wishes and needs.


We bring your dream home to life!

A home is place synonymous with warmth and comfort. And it should feel that way. Through our professional coloring and painting service, we turn your houses into homes. A nest for you to relax, unwind, and charge up to take on the challenges that await outside.  

We offer an extensive palette of coloring and painting works to cater to all tastes, styles and aesthetic preferences.


A home in not just a four-walled physical entity. It is a place that’s immersed in love, care and warmth. Each wall and corner and every single detail of your home should reflect your story. And this is what we do. We make your home truly yours, by painting and transforming it in a way that reflects YOU and your story!

Aside from the aesthetic focus, we also make your space (interior as well as exterior) moisture and weather resistant and make sure it stays neat, smooth and in pristine state for long.


Colors play a crucial role in setting up the energy, ambiance and vibe of a place.

Add value to your workspace with True Color’s commercial painting services!

Your office space doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Give it a brand new look with an interesting color scheme.  Research shows that an average employee spends at least 2,000 hours a year in office. Which means, office is literally the second home for many of us

We, at True Colors Painting and Plastering, are professional commercial painters and well-versed with transforming your workspace into a lively and fun place.  


For interior, we focused on your own choices, as in, how you want your space to look. We seek to understand the nature of your business, the purpose of space, and after a thorough analysis, choose a scheme that makes the best reflection of your brand while carrying a sense of homeliness and comfort.


For exteriors, we focus more on strength and durability as well as reducing your carbon footprints and energy consumption. This way, we protect your building from environmental stress and weather adversities.

While opting for a painting job, always make sure it’s health and eco-friendly.
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